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Organized by MRW Communication and Organ Budaya Indonesia
at Setia Darma House of Masks and Puppets

Distributing tree seedlings to the audience is a conceptual starting point for
artworks and workshops held by internationally acclaimed Indonesian theater directors, new media artists and musicians. We offer new directions in environmental artwork as part of a vision of an “Organic Mind.” The concept “organic mind” suggests a mind free from artificial constraints such as desires based on consumerism. We seek to implant youth with the importance of environmentalism and new skills in media, instrument building, and horticulture, as well as ideas about how to create artworks that are environmentally sound, such as found-object sculptures. We nurture children’s innate talents that develop instinctually and in response to nature. Read More

kalkota india - ORGANIC MIND

Kolkata india ORGANIC MIND by Mantra Ardhana

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An Exhibition of Paintings ORGANIC MIND

by Mantra Ardhana

curated by Nina Saxer


15 April , 2016 : Allowing art lovers a glimpse into the mind of one of the most intriguing Indonesian artists of contemporary times, Nina Saxer curated ORGANIC MINDS encompassing a series of artworks by the famed Mantra Ardhana. The exhibition was inaugurated on April 15 by fashion designer duo Dev r Nil at Range Gallery, 54, Lower Range, Beckbagan, Kolkata 19 and will continue till April 17.
The event was attended by cultural personality Anjum Katyal, German consulate Mr Iversen, socialite Corina Popa, entrepreneur Wu Lyv, Anita and Shreya Kanoi of Living Free. The evening also saw actor Bobby Chakraborty, social worker Urmi Basu and models Nick Rampal and Mohammad Shabbir Baig among others.
Mantra’s art and music reflect a tingly dosage of the ethnic identity of Lombok, which he infuses into the contemporary and ever changing accents of modern life like technological advancement and multiculturalism. The paintings are an abstract amalgamation of vibrant hues paired with stark grays that seem to bring to the fore a heightened sense of emotional turmoil wreaking the human psyche of the neo-postmodern man.

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Organic Mind at Canna Gallery Jakarta

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Mantra adalah produk garis panjang tradisi manusia Bali yang menekuni jalan seni sebagai pilihan hidup. Ayahnya pelukis ternama Bapak Pengsong, seorang pelukis Bali di Lombok yang ternama. Dari garis ayahnya ia punya silsilah panjang, yang bisa dirunut sampai abad ke abad 16, ketika para bangsawan Kerajaan Gelgel dan Amlapura, beserta bala tentara dan seniman, bermigrasi ke Lombok Barat. Dari komunitas Bali di Lombok, Mantra menyerap nuasa estetik Bali, di tengah kecenderung ekslusif masyarakat Balok (Bali-Lombok) untuk untuk mempertahankan garis tradisi dan agama. Read More