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By 4 Jul ’18September 14th, 2018English, Literature

Theater, Music, New Media, & Environment Art

Organized by MRW Communication and Organ Budaya Indonesia
at Setia Darma House of Masks and Puppets

Distributing tree seedlings to the audience is a conceptual starting point for
artworks and workshops held by internationally acclaimed Indonesian theater directors, new media artists and musicians. We offer new directions in environmental artwork as part of a vision of an “Organic Mind.” The concept “organic mind” suggests a mind free from artificial constraints such as desires based on consumerism. We seek to implant youth with the importance of environmentalism and new skills in media, instrument building, and horticulture, as well as ideas about how to create artworks that are environmentally sound, such as found-object sculptures. We nurture children’s innate talents that develop instinctually and in response to nature.

“Everything starts with a seed. If you take you must give,” says
Hasanain Juaini, winner of the 2011 Ramon Magsaysay award. In this program, the artisan is directly involved in environmental preservation by sharing seeds to be planted by the public, and indirectly by responding to that tree seed as a work of art and part of a performance. Moreover, the artist connects with children to plant seeds of ideas and knowledge.

The planting of the seed is a metaphor of the notion of an organic mind, whose concepts sprout and develop naturally. Many nations and cultures have applied organic living through organic food, farming, cosmetics, etc.
Mantra Ardhana extrapolates from such ideas to create a notion of the “Organic Mind.” The organic mind is what we do instinctively, what nature asks us to do, natural skills embedded in each individual.

Organic Mind
artist:Mantra Ardhana
titel: if six was nine 006a (2011)
privet collection
Indonesia is blessed with a wealth of individuals working from a
perspective we might consider as organic mind. We empower local community to recognize and nurture conceptual gifts of their artwork and offer to children and to international community the alchemy of nature and mind. Sensitivity with flows of elements and found objects articulated in instrument building, theater, traditional masks and ceramics, found art
sculpture toys, interactive media mapped onto seedling gifts.


Director: Rahman Sabur
Artistic: Deden Bulqiny, Cahyo Basuki, Dholy Husada, Jesna Winaya
Actors: Luhur Kayungga, Adji Fikri, Slamet Gapraz, Muhhamad Rusli, Tebo Aumbar, Masandi Sutejo, Fuad Firdaus, Malang Dance, Gosek Tontonan, Jevi Alba, Sanggar Anak Bentuyung Sakti

Rahman Sabur

Founding director of “Teater Payung Hitam” in Bandung in 1982, Sabur is also a theater lecturer at STSI Bandung. Sabur is distinguished by collaboration with many international artists and directors,
constant adaptation and responsiveness to current environment, as well as exceptional consistency and discipline, producing over 80 performances in a few decades.

In recent years, Sabur’s theater reveals a warm and unique intimacy with the living and breathing environment. A dialogue emerges between stone, roots, trees, water, earth, mud.

Payung Hitam is particularly well-known for its evocative works in nonverbal theater, where text is replaced with sounds, cries, shrieks, whispers, noise, etc. and actions, sometimes extreme and violent, painful ones. Sabur explored New Order violence and revolt within the body of terror in a striking and wild, distinctive manner, believing in the healing and recuperative powers of theater for himself, the performers and audience.

In all genres Sabur offers a uniquely poetic voice, devoting his life to theater as instrument of integrity and love.

Deden Jalaludin Bulqini
scenography and costumes designer

Bulqini has a wide scope and experience in lighting and set design for theater, dance and music, art direction for music videos and
theater/performance videos, and event design/decoration and theater costumes.
In addition he is a motivated and passionate artist, focusing on painting, found-object and installation art. Living and working in Bandung, he has exhibited projects in Singapore, Taiwan, Beijing, Amsterdam, Yogyakarta, etc.



Music coordinator: Wukir Suryadi
Sound editor: Mantra Ardhana
Musicians: Redy Prasetyo, Koko Harsoe, Simbi Dare, Arief Hendrasto, Rizal Abdulhadi, Cozhin Mukti

Wukir Suryadi
music coordinator and Instrument exhibition

“Music to me had become more than just simply a series of rhythms and melodies that are enjoyable to hear, but instead it has become like all the sounds we hear out there… like nature.” Wukir creates his own instruments from bamboo and other found materials. For many years he was playing his own compositions, developed on his own instruments in the streets of Yogyakarta. Attracting attention with his unusual instruments, the depth and intensity of his music and his charismatic presence, he now has multiple recordings and international tours to his name. Yet he remains grounded and dedicated to the art of instrument building with materials ranging from bamboo, to guns, to bottle caps and strings.

Mantra Ardhana
new media artist

Equally painter and musician, Ardhana recently conceived and exhibited a solo painting show around the concept of Organic Mind. He takes Jimi Hendrix as an example of self – taught musician whose passionate imagination and virtuosity arose from an organic mind rather from an imposed, artificial educational system.

Environmental art & New Media

New media: Kokok Saja, Nur Setyanto, Bimo DA, Yan Palapa, Jonas Sestakresna

Instrument exhibition : Wukir Suryadi (Jogjakarta)
Iron mask exhibition : Cahyo “Yoppie” Basuki (Surabaya)
Ceramic exhibition : Made Jesna (Bali)

Kids workshops:
Story telling by Cok Sawitri
Planting a trees with Simbi Dare
Making instruments and building sound with Wukir Suyadi
Painting Trashbins and coloring CD covers with Anna Oparina, Simbi Dare, Deden Bulqiny, Dholy Husada and more …